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Limpidus differentials
10 reasons to contract Limpidus
1. Experience: Brand with 35 years of market presence. More assurance for your.
2. Concept of franchise: Attention and total commitment from the one that serves clients on a day-to-day basis: the Limpidus franchisee.
3. Nationwide Performance: The client relies on a nationwide service structure, capable of catering to their needs anywhere they have a branch or business unit.
4. Reputation: Proven satisfaction of our more than 3,500 clients, from a wide variety of sectors and market segments.
5. Incomparable customer care: The presence of the owner of the business, the Limpidus franchisee, managing the operation is felt on a day-to-day basis. Speed of response, attention to detail, flexibility and direct access to those who have decision-making power.
6. State-of-the-Art Technology: As an affiliate of BSCAI Building Service Contractors Association International and of ISSA International Sanitary Supply Association International, Limpidus is in permanent contact with the latest cleaning and management techniques.
7. Training Program: Professional education program, developed according to the latest cleaning techniques.
8. Premium Quality: Assurance of a job executed according to the highest standards.
9. Streamlined costs: Productivity-oriented cleaning. A work plan is configured for each client where all the tasks are rationalized as much as possible.
10. Insurance plan. All os franchisees of Limpidus are covered by an insurance policy against any damage caused during the execution of services.

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