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Our story

Limpidus is a brand with more than 40 years of existence, the largest national network of cleaning services and offers its customers the most modern service management and technical solutions in this area.

The Limpidus operation covers almost the entire national territory and meets virtually every cleaning needs of a company, from a small trading room to large industrial areas. The Limpidus system was pioneered in Brazil.

A unique franchise-based business model, where the owner of the business, the Franchisee Limpidus, engages in the day-to-day operations and customer service.

Each franchisee is as a consultant for each of our more than 4000 clients. This franchise-client proximity is what allows us to identify the real cleaning needs and generate customized solutions, without burdening the budget.

Limpidus has regional offices in major capitals and a network of more than 100 franchises.

Our Core Values



We inspire confidence and gain credibility by delivering on the promise, acting ethically, and encouraging the use of sustainable practices.

Best people

We seek to attract and develop the best talent for our business by encouraging positive and professional attitudes.

High performance

We contribute to the success of our clients through superior standard services based on excellence in execution.

Outstanding Services

We value and encourage the presence of the owner, the Limpidus franchisee, in charge of day-to-day business, ensuring better communication with customers, maximum attention to detail, flexibility and agility.

Long-term vision

We seek results and lasting relationships and mutual gains, without any immediate consequences.

Attention to the details

This special attention to detail is what sets us apart, because the basics any company does.

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