Modern and innovative business model

Limpidus cleaner analyzing floor

We all know how difficult it is to hire and maintain people to do cleaning services, to do the work with quality, commitment and efficiency, without causing damage to the premises, wasting material and actually cleaning.

On the other hand, this same difficulty also exists to find and motivate professionals who coordinate this work, that is, qualified people and at the same time willing to supervise cleaning services.

These two reasons have led Limpidus to pioneer in Brazil, a unique franchise-based operations system where the managing supervisor is the owner of the business, namely the Limpidus franchisee.

In doing so, we put in the day to day, the owner at the front of the operation, trained, motivated and with the attitude, autonomy and resources necessary to take care of every detail, from the selection and training of the personnel to the supervision of the work and attendance of the client.

As a result, we are able to achieve superior performance standards, which guarantee more satisfaction and quality, at extremely attractive costs.

In addition to all of the training provided, the Limpidus franchisees are supported by regional offices, which in addition to providing the necessary assistance to the Limpidus network, control the quality of service to ensure that customer expectations are met.

The attention and care that the customer receives in the day to day of the “owner of the business” combined with the experience of a brand with more than 35 years in the service of companies of high standard, represents the maximum guarantee for the client, within a concept Modern and innovative, with no similar in the market.