Hotel cleaning


5 star cleaning service

We know that maintaining a clean hotel environment and the level of service at high standards is critical to your image and to the success of your business.

That’s why Limpidus is not only concerned with cleaning but also with the preservation of its assets, so that the carpets, upholstery of the sofas, chairs, floors and metals are cleaned with the best techniques and the appropriate products, guaranteeing more welcoming environments For its guests.

By implementing the sustainable practices of our unique GreenClean Program, Limpidus will work with your team and develop a work plan tailored to your needs. Loobies, restaurants, kitchens, convention rooms and bedrooms will be maintained so that your guests feel good during their stay.

You can count on our experience, flexibility and innovation in this area to ensure more efficiency to your business, a lean cost structure and deliver the best service to your guests. We take care of all the cleaning of your hotel, including the rooms.

We do this in an innovative way, which in addition to allowing a reduction in your costs will improve your final evaluation grades of people staying at your hotel. Count on the experience of those who know your business.

Hotel Cleaning