Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning 4

Clean and healthy environments that guarantee the well-being of people.

For over 35 years researching and innovating in the search for solutions, Limpidus is the right company to take care of office cleaning, be they small or large, after all we are specialists in commercial cleaning.

We are committed to providing our customers with world-class services based on best practices in training and using environmentally sound processes that ensure healthy environments and lower environmental impact.

No matter what your needs are, we set up a cleaning program tailored to you, whether with daily service, alternate days and at your convenience.

All this to ensure maximum efficiency with minimal interference in your day to day

Below are some of the best practices of Limpidus' unique Green Clean Program:

. Reduction in water and electricity use
. Reduction and rational use of chemicals
. Use of less toxic and harmful products to people and the environment
. Use of vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter, which retains 99.7% of soils and impurities
. Use of microfiber technology in cloths and floor cleaning mops
. Use of electrostatic dust seals
. Reduction of noise level
. Control of waste disposal and disposal
. Reduction of dust level in the environment

The Clean Green Program from Limpidus can help your company achieve up to 30% of the points required to obtain LEED (Leadership Energy Enviromental Design) certification for green buildings.