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Cleaning Schools

Innovative solutions that fit your budget

Research shows that cleaning school facilities plays a key role in student well-being and academic progress.

As a cleaning company, we have the role of assisting in the development of practices that guarantee cleaner, safer and healthier teaching environments.

Whether you run a kindergarten or primary school, a language school or vocational courses or a large university complex with several units, we will work with you to ensure that your standards and requirements are met.

After decades of working in the field of education in general, we know that this segment works with very fair budgets and so we are sure you will like our innovative solutions in this area, which will help you balance your budget.

Our unique green cleaning program, Green Clean, will help you not only improve the sustainability aspects of your school and help reduce overall operating costs, but also improve hygiene, reducing Occurrence of illnesses and reducing absenteeism among students, teachers and employees.

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