Cleaning of restaurants and industrial kitchens

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Research indicates that the cleanliness of the bathrooms or the floor of the restaurant hall are largely responsible for the image people have of the establishment.

This is because a lot of people associate the cleaning of these places with the cleaning of the kitchen and this can captivate them or move them away from the establishment.

The cleaning of restaurants and kitchens demand special attention, as well as a good appearance of cleaning it is necessary to ensure healthy environments, properly sanitized and free of germs and bacteria.

Improper cleaning also compromises the image of the establishment to its customers and can also cause serious problems with public health control and sanitation agencies.

Therefore, when hiring a cleaning company for your restaurant or kitchen, do not just get carried away by the price.

First check the cleaning company’s experience in this segment. Limpidus knows this subject very well because for decades it has been taking care of cleaning services for restaurants and industrial kitchens.