Ggym and club Cleaning

Cleaning of Gym

We make environments cleaner, safer and healthier for our customers.

People spend a lot of time inside the gym because they want to be healthy, but gym and bodybuilding have the ideal conditions for the proliferation of germs and bacteria due to the presence of heat and humidity of places such as showers, saunas and locker rooms.

We know that most gyms disinfect apparatus, treadmills and other fitness equipment satisfactorily, but we have seen that other places that receive a lot of human contact like ratchets, weights, balls and plastic mattresses, cleaning is often neglected.

Door locks, door handles and even magazines that are shared from one person to another in the waiting room are huge sources of germs and bacteria.

Limpidus is a specialized cleaning company that takes care of the cleaning of many gyms and can also take care of yours, ensuring in these environments not only a good appearance but a clean, safe and healthy environment to exercise and work.