We are cleaning specialists.

retentor de pó de pelo de carneiro Editar Limpadora da Limpidus usando retentor de pó de pelo de carneiro Limpidus cleaner using sheepskin powder retainer

We specialize in cleaning since it is what we have been doing for over 35 years.

Unlike other companies in our industry that specialize in “outsourcing” or “doing everything”, the fact that we have only been cleaning has enabled us over the years to focus our efforts on the development of innovative cleaning processes based on international best practices and technologies , Thus ensuring an increasingly efficient and professional service for each of our more than 4000 corporate clients and expanding globally to other countries.

The focus on cleaning services has also enabled us to develop innovative technologies and processes in this area, such as our exclusive GreenClean® green cleaning program and Cleancalc®, CleanCheck® and CleanSpec® softwares and apps.

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