Our business is people, so motivation and commitment make a difference.

Limpidus Cleaner

We at Limpidus believe that good cleaning products and modern equipment are important for a cleaning company to serve its customers well but we are convinced that to reach a high standard of services it is necessary to have motivated and committed people.

Therefore, we think it is no use talking about processes, advanced techniques or planning activities if the people who perform the tasks do not incorporate their challenges and do not care about the results.

Our decades of experience in this segment has also shown us that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to motivate the people who perform the cleaning services if the person who coordinates and manages the day to day is not motivated or committed.

If you agree with this and want to know how we have solved this problem, please contact us!

Limpidus cleaner running detail cleanup on a client

10 good reasons to hire Limpidus

1. Experience: Brand with 35 years of market.
2. Concept of franchise: Attention and total commitment of who attends the client in the day to day: the franchisee Limpidus.
3. National Performance: The client has a national service structure, capable of serving him anywhere he has a branch or business unit.
4. Reputation: Proven satisfaction of our more than 4000 clients, from the most diverse sectors and market segments.
5. Unmatched Attendance: The presence of the owner of the business, the franchisee Limpidus, at the head of the operation is felt in the day to day. Speed ​​of response, attention to detail, flexibility and direct access to decision makers.
6. End-to-End Technology: As affiliated with BSCAI Building Service Contractors Association International and ISSA International Sanitary Suplly Association International, Limpidus is in constant contact with the most modern cleaning and management techniques.
8. Premium Quality: Guarantee a work performed to the highest standards.
9. Lean costs: Cleaning oriented to productivity. For each client a work plan is configured where all tasks are rationalized to the maximum.
10. Insurance Plan. All the franchisees of Limpidus are covered by an insurance policy that covers any damages caused during the execution of the services.

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