Beware of protective gloves !!!


The scene is relatively commonplace on a day-to-day basis and usually goes unnoticed: the cleaning worker is wearing gloves and goes from toilet to toilet with a plastic bag in his hands, emptying the garbage baskets.

This procedure is correct because he is using protective equipment to protect him from possible contamination, right?

The answer is: Absolutely WRONG.

The employee, when he has his hands protected by rubber gloves doing this garbage collection service in toilets, has a sensation and total protection that causes him to put his hand inside baskets, toilets and urinals without the least concern, because after all He is protected.

It occurs that this movement of cleaning and touching the baskets during the cleaning is usually done with the right hand in the case of righties or with the left hand in the case of the lefties and it is with that same hand that it opens and closes doors in its path of one Sanitary to other, closes taps, touches walls and doors, holds broom handle, etc.

That’s when you still do not stop at the drinker! What at first glance may seem like a correct safety procedure for the employee, can pose a huge risk to all other people living in the company environment, as this employee becomes the main agent of contamination, a true walking vector!

“There is a technique for using gloves, either for placement, use or withdrawal of gloves and that are passed in our basic training, because at all these times contamination can occur, either the employee who does the service or the people who work in the “Says Simone de Oliveira, Supervisor of Operations of the São Paulo Regional Office.

If the contractor does not have defined procedures and ways to ensure adequate training for employees performing this task, it is best to prohibit the use of gloves until it is certain that the subject is under control.

By doing so you will be avoiding a greater evil that is putting all the people of a company at risk.

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