Limpidus Recife Wins Votorantim Award

Limpidus Recife, has just won 2 important awards from Votorantim, among its more than 11,000 suppliers. The first is the Best National Supplier – North-Northeast Region Award, awarded to only one company from each of the country’s three regional branches, which was delivered by the National Director of Supplies of Votorantim. The second prize was awarded by the Parceiros Votorantim Program, given to the best national suppliers, which are recognized in the Bronze, Silver and Gold categories, based on the number of times they have already won the prize. The Bronze award is awarded to those suppliers who have achieved an average of over 95% in performance and safety ratings throughout the year. The Bronze Certification is the first year of classification. The suppliers that can reach the mentioned grade consecutively, evolve until receiving certifications of different levels, being: 1st year – Bronze 3rd consecutive year – Silver 5th consecutive year – Gold If the supplier company does not reach the index in any of the years, the process is zeroed and starts all over again. In this way Votorantim recognizes and encourages its suppliers to pursue goals within a process of continuous improvement. As the first recipient of this award, Limpidus received the Bronze Award along with 15 other companies in this category. We congratulate the entire team of Limpidus Recife for the achievement of these important award !!

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