Limpidus receives for the 6. consecutive year, Trusted Suppliers Award

Limpidus received for the 6th consecutive year, the Suppliers of Confidence 2014 award, an initiative of Revista Melhor RH, official organ of ABRH Brazilian Association of Human Resources.

The objective of the award is to evaluate the reliability of the supplier companies and the degree of loyalty of their clients, to the point of indicating to a friend or contact, their service provider.

In order to classify the companies in this research, the NPS – Net Promoter Score methodology, developed by Professor Fredrick Reichheld of Harvard University, was used today as the best way to measure customer satisfaction of a company.

The NPS methodology is based on asking a simple question to customers “On a scale from 1 to 10, how much would you recommend your current supplier to a friend?”

The system is very simple: Customers who score between 1 and 6 are considered detractors of the brand, because they speak badly. Customers who score 7 and 8 are considered neutral and those who score 9 and 10 are considered Brand Promoters. As an example, let us say that from an analyzed universe of 100 clients, 70 score between 9 and 10, another 20 give scores in the range of 7 to 8, and 10 clients score between 1 and 6. This means that NPS of 60% (70 – 10, since the 20 neutrals are not considered).

This year 50 companies were selected out of a total of 129 who competed for the award, with Limpidus as the only cleaning company to win the award in 2014. According to information released in the report on the “Most Trusted” award, Published in this month’s magazine, the strengths cited by Limpidus’s clients, who justified their high marks, were in this order:

1) Partner Relationship with Clients: This demonstrates that network franchisees are acting within the core values ​​of Limpidus, building solid relationships within a Long Term Vision.

2) Quality service: This recognition regarding the quality of the service reinforces the importance of the presence of the franchisee with the customer in the day to day, guaranteeing a truly Incomparable Service.

3) It has great professionals: The effort to attract and keep Best People is being recognized by customers and was the third most voted factor in the opinion of all clients.

We want to congratulate all the franchisees of the network, who adopt daily best practices and are aligned with the LIMPIDUS way of working, for the contribution to building the good image and reputation of the brand in the market.

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