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Flexible cleaning services, made for the size and needs of your company.

Whether cleaning a small business room, an entire building or a shopping center, we do an on-site survey of your company’s needs and define how many hours of cleaning are necessary to serve you.

From there we elaborate a customized work plan, based on modern and sustainable cleaning practices. All this to ensure you the best quality with the most attractive cost possible

Limpidus Cleaning Company - Limpidus Cleaning Franchise

Why choose Limpidus !

1. Because we are a cleaning company specialists in comercial cleaning.

2. We sell services, not “people.” For this reason, we pay close attention to the selection of people, training, technology and service management model, because for us what matters is the end result of the work and not the amount of people used.

3. Our solutions are complete. We take care of everything within your company, from the daily cleaning of the premises to washing of carpets, cleaning linings, glass and facades.

4. We operate nationally and internationally, so no matter where your company has units, we can serve you with the same standard of quality and service.

Green Clean Program

Implant sustainable cleaning in your company with our exclusive GreenClean® Program

GreenClean® is the green cleaning program developed by Limpidus “Your Cleaning Company” for the exclusive use of its franchises and can help your company reduce its environmental impact with the cleaning service. The GreenClean® Program can help your company get up to 30% of the required LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification credits.

Limpcalc - Limpidus

Meet the new technologies of Limpidus - Your cleaning company

Unmatched in the market and developed in Brazil by Limpidus in a pioneering way and for exclusive use of its franchises, the new tools LimpCalc *, CleanCheck * and CleanSpec * are changing the way you plan, operate and control cleaning services.

A real breakthrough in the cleaning market, accustomed for decades to buying “people” rather than services, the software and app developed by Limpidus bring process engineering to the cleaning area, allowing service planning and management to be done Simpler, more objective and more rigorous, which in practice translates into better quality services and cost savings.